An Alchemy of Honey & Place
Small batch, barrel-aged meads
from the Columbia River Gorge
Equinox Release  • 
3 Barrels •
Harvest Moon
Available Now.
Melchemy Craft Mead
In our search for connection, we discover home.

Melchemy is a small-batch, barrel-aged craft meadery located near the town of Carson, on the northern side of the Columbia River, central Cascade Mountains—otherwise known as Skamania County, Washington. We are grateful to call this wondrous region home. Our mead is crafted with a reverence for this place, of cultures past and present, and with a promise to the future. In addition to the highest quality, mostly wildcrafted ingredients, we strive to offer a true taste of place in each bottle.

Equinox Release
Equinox Release

We are excited about releasing two of our most personal casks this season. Our Traditional Mead, and our Salal variety. Our salal was wildcraft harvested from the forests right on the meadery grounds. Also, our second cask of Triple Bee Blackberry is now released, with a more mild buckwheat blossom honey, and a bit more oak-y tannin. 

ReWild • Traditional Mead
Triple Bee Blackberry
Craft is defined by makers  not companies, shareholders, board rooms or quarterly projections. Our meads result from an intimate connection to every part of the creative process, from the gathering and growing of ingredients, to the nurturing of the fermentation process, to bottling, corking, and labeling…
Craft is biomimicry, a closed loop. We practice permaculture on the land surrounding the meadery. This means that we integrate a systems approach to how things are grown and how they are connected to the nutrient and waste streams. This fosters a holistic, closed loop approach to agriculture and land stewardship.
Our bioregional address:
toward a new understanding of place
From the forested banks of Panther Creek a tributary of the Wind River watershed in the central Cascade Mountains within the Columbia River Gorge ecoregion of the Cascadia bioregion defined by the temperate rainforests of the North American continent a jewel on the Pacific Rim's ring of fire Earth
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