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Part-time Market Vender / Wildcrafter


We are seeking part-time help with selling our craft meads at farmer’s markets from June through October 2022. We will also need some help harvesting/wildcrafting berries during certain times in the summer.
We have a long-standing booth at the exciting downtown Vancouver farmer’s market. This season, we will vend mostly on Sundays (except the first weekend of every month where we will do Saturdays). We will also vend at Stevenson farmer’s market one Saturday per month, and White Salmon farmer’s market one Tuesday eve per month. We are looking for a marketeer willing to commit to dates through summer until the end of October. There is also a fall season which trickles out by mid December which could be an option for work. To start, we will accompany you for on-site training during your first one or two markets. If all works out for the season, we will invite you to come back to join us again for the 2023 market season which begins mid March.

Work at the farmer’s market includes loading and unloading tabling materials and meads, setting up the booth table and canopy, talking with customers 50-90% of the time you are at market, handling money and credit card transactions, tear down, and transport—which includes driving both ways. For anyone not located close to us in Carson/Stevenson, we can talk about alternative arrangements to pick up and drop off supplies during each week. You could conceivably live in Vancouver or Portland and make this work, but we would prefer someone closer to our Gorge location.


Our ideal candidate has some sales experience; is outgoing and friendly; can handle speaking with people and repeating a lot of the same information for 4 to 6 hours; is able to lift up to 50lbs; has a reliable vehicle; is a reliable person; is at least 21 years old (WA state law); can work independently; and is ok picking berries in a variety of weather conditions and temps for up to a few hours at a time. Harvesting will include approximately 10-15 hours per week, mid July through mid Sept, though we are flexible about per-week hour commitments. We are open to hiring a market vender and berry picker separately, so if only one part of this job offer appeals to you, we can possibly accommodate your availability. Our ideal candidate can do both.

You will be working for us as an independent contractor (1099-NEC). That means we won’t take taxes out of your compensation—you will be responsible for tracking those and paying them at the end of the year. We begin market venders at $20/hr. We pay for berries by the pound. You will have the freedom to choose your schedule but we will ask for specific times commitments to ensure we get enough help during the season. The rates vary for each type of berry, but expect to be able to make over $20/hr if you can pick steadily.


For more information & photos of wildcrafting and our market setup, check out @melchemycraftmead



If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact  Attach your resume and a brief description of yourself and why you would like to work with us. Please detail your travel situation (e.g. where you live and how you will travel back and forth to market), and what availability you are sure you can commit to.

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