Melchemy Craft Mead
Craft Mead
"For us, craft is an expression of place." —

Our meads result from an intimate connection to every part of the creative process, from the gathering and growing of ingredients, to the nurturing of the fermentation process, to bottling, corking, and labeling…


We produce small batch meads seasonally and locally. Therefore, our available mead selections vary by season. The nature of seasonality produces delightful variations in flavor from year to year. This reflects the unique aspects of how our honey, herbs, fruits, and berries grew and were gathered. It is part of what makes Melchemy meads special. See if you can taste the difference!

Our bioregional address:
toward a new understanding of place
From the forested banks of Panther Creek a tributary of the Wind River watershed in the central Cascade Mountains within the Columbia River Gorge ecoregion of the Cascadia bioregion defined by the temperate rainforests of the North American continent a jewel on the Pacific Rim's ring of fire Earth
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