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Melchemy: BeeGrateful Cranberry Peach — Cask(C)
Cranberry Peach
— Cascade Mountain Water
— Wildflower Honey
— Cranberry & Peach
— Oak Barrel Aged
Melchemy Meads are crafted dry: BeeGrateful Cranberry Peach — Cask(C)

This is one of our more festive meads, a drink of the season. Fresh peach combined with tart cranberry float through the pallet, finishing with a fullness of honey on the back-end in this rather dry melomel. Pair it chilled with any holiday feast or have it as a room temp aperitif next to the fire while watching snowflakes fall outside. Cheers!

750mL [15.5% ALC/VOL]
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BeeGrateful Cranberry Peach •
Flavors (Cask C)
Local Wildflower Honey -

We use honey from this ecoregion, derived from honeybees' pollination of mostly wildflowers and blackberry blossoms.

Our bioregional address:
toward a new understanding of place
From the forested banks of Panther Creek a tributary of the Wind River watershed in the central Cascade Mountains within the Columbia River Gorge ecoregion of the Cascadia bioregion defined by the temperate rainforests of the North American continent a jewel on the Pacific Rim's ring of fire Earth
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