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Melchemy: Drylands Juniper-Pine — Cask(A)
— Cascade Mountain Water
— Juniper Berry & Ponderosa Pine Needle
— Local Wildflower Honey
— Oak Barrel Aged
tasting notes
— juniper & honey front with pine notes
— grilled & smoked, roasted, caramelized flavors
— mushrooms, ham, chicken, salmon, cheeses, white sauce, wild game
— Gin, Tonics, Spritzers
Melchemy Meads are crafted dry: Drylands Juniper-Pine — Cask(A)

A creation of the Columbia River Plateau, we’ve brought home the desert essence in this one. Pleasant pine aromas combine with subtle citrus and pepper notes from the juniper berries. Several months of oak barrel aging round off the edge and allow for a slight honey body to come forward in the flavor. Best served slightly chilled.

750mL [15% ALC/VOL]
Drylands Juniper-Pine •
Flavors (Cask A)
Local Wildflower Honey -

We use honey from this ecoregion, derived from honeybees' pollination of mostly wildflowers and blackberry blossoms.

Western Juniper Cupressaceae (Cypress) - Juniperus occidentalis

Harvested in high steppe of eastern Oregon, Juniper berries have a unique flavor which, in our opinion, does extremely well with a honey compliment. These buggers are not easy to harvest, and our pickers couldn't get the sap off their hands for days.

Ponderosa Pine Pinus (Pine) - Ponderosa (columbia)

The fresh and long needles of the Ponderosa Pine give a subtle pine note when used in the primary fermentation process, which endures and levels out in the nose during barrel aging. These needles were harvested in Klickitat county (Yakima territory), north side of the Columbia river.

Wine Barrel Aged - Medium Toasted Oak

We acquired this wine barrel from Marshal's Winery in Dallesport Washington. 

Our bioregional address:
toward a new understanding of place
From the forested banks of Panther Creek a tributary of the Wind River watershed in the central Cascade Mountains within the Columbia River Gorge ecoregion of the Cascadia bioregion defined by the temperate rainforests of the North American continent a jewel on the Pacific Rim's ring of fire Earth
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