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Melchemy: Salal — Cask(A)
— Cascade Mountain Water
— Salal Berry (Gaultheria shallon)
— Buckwheat Blossom Honey
— Bourbon Barrel Aged
tasting notes
— unique salal front w/ molasses/buckwheat notes
— dry honey/caramel finish
— savory, earthy, umami flavors
— red sauces, bold curries, strong cheeses
— chocolate, fruit pies, whipped cream
Melchemy Meads are crafted dry: Salal — Cask(A)

The Salal berry is a tasty, little-known native treasure of the Cascade forests surrounding our meadery. We ferment this one with regionally sourced, earthy, dark buckwheat blossom honey. Bourbon barrel aging rounds off the sharp character of the flavors for a finish not unlike our blackberry mead, but with local forest flare. Enjoy at room temp or slightly chilled.

750mL [15.5% ALC/VOL]
Salal •
Flavors (Cask A)
Buckwheat Honey Polygonaceae (Buckwheat) - fagopyrum esculentum

A dark, rich honey reminiscent of molasses derived primarily from the buckwheat plant. This honey is rich in vitamins and minerals, considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich honeys.

Salal Ericaceae (Heather) - Gaultheria shallon

Native to Cascadia, salal is found along the forest edge all around our meadery. We harvest these surprisingly unique flavored berries just a few steps from our front door. In English, it is known as salal, shallon, or simply gaultheria in Britain and has been a source of food for native peoples of our region through the ages.

Bourbon Barrel Aged - American Toasted Oak

We allow many of our meads to age in toasted American Oak barrels used to age bourbon for multiple years. We acquired this barrel from East Side Distilling in Portland. All bourbon barrels have been toasted or "charred". Charring isn't necessarily done to create a smokey flavor, but done to change the nature of the oak itself, to yield the best possible reaction between wood and whiskey. Many of the flavors present in the original whisky aging can be subtly detected in our meads.

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toward a new understanding of place
From the forested banks of Panther Creek a tributary of the Wind River watershed in the central Cascade Mountains within the Columbia River Gorge ecoregion of the Cascadia bioregion defined by the temperate rainforests of the North American continent a jewel on the Pacific Rim's ring of fire Earth
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